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The United States of America or USA as it is more popularly known is situated in North America. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean and is situated between Mexico and Canada. It is the third largest country in area and ranks the same in population. The country has something for everyone- natural wonders, amusement parks, a bustling nightlife and a plethora of cultures. Visiting USA and living the American dream is perhaps on everyone’s wish list. With so many world class cities the nation is very well connected to all corners of the world. USA is divided into one federal district and 50 states. Washington DC is the capital of this nation while New York is the largest city.

English is the official language of USA. Spanish is also spoken by about 10 percent of its population. The cuisine of USA reflects its culture diversity and cuisines from all over the world have made it to the restaurants here. The country also has a varied range of vegetation which extends from tropical forests of Hawaii to the tundra forests of Alaska. Owing to this a range of climate is found across the country. The country also has the reputation of being the world’s largest national economy and is a very developed country in terms of education, health and lifestyle.USA has so much to see and do that it would be difficult for anyone to enjoy all its marvels in a single visit. The Grand Canyon, Niagara falls, Yellowstone National Park, the casinos of Las Vegas, the waterfront at San Francisco, the world famous Disney Park- the list just go on and on.

Country USA
Visa requirementsVisa is required
Languages spokenSpanish, English
Currency usedDollar
Area (km2)9,857,306

Sports & nature

The natural beauty of USA is unparallel in the sense of its diversity. From the Alaskan tundra to old forests of California the country has everything in its bundle of natural wonders. The caves, canyons, glaciers, swamps, volcanic formations and much more makes USA one of the most sorts out country for the nature lovers. Many people take to the roads to soak in the natural beauty as they drive along the well constructed network . Yellowstone national park is one of the most diverse regions in the world with hundreds of variety of wildlife species. The Grand Canyon Park is a masterpiece carved by the river Colorado and is a marvel in itself. The Niagara Falls which is the largest waterfall in USA attracts millions every year. The mammoth cave in Kentucky is the largest cave network in the world. Sports are an important aspect in the life of the American people and they take it very seriously. Sportspersons take part in international events and are successful in almost all of these. Baseball and basketball are the two most loved sports in USA. Lacrosse, hockey and football are also very popular. There are many big sporting leagues and these provide a lot of infrastructure to improve the standard of sports here. Besides the more popular sports Americans also like to enjoy the more traditional outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. Golf, tennis, swimming, skiing and ice skating are also practiced with similar passion. Car racing and rodeos are also associated very much with USA.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

USA has one of the best nightlife in the world and this is not just concentrated to one region but spreads from east coast to west coast alike. While Las Vegas and New York are widely recommended by party lovers, there are many more cities in the country that can fulfill anyone’s fantasies. Las Vegas is certainly a haven for all people who like to try their luck at the world class casinos. This city never sleeps and one can even spot many celebrities and movie stars. There are many beautiful hotels and resorts here with equally exquisite casinos. New York has many posh clubs and its streets are bustling with people any time of the year. Miami in Florida is the perfect spot for those looking for a more Latin experience while in USA. The South Beach and Miami Beach have many fashionable gay bars as well as many clubs and is perfect to enjoy the night while partying amongst people who knows how to party hard. For all those who like to enjoy theatre and comedy while having their drinks, Los Angeles in California emerge as the perfect choice. USA has many options and one has just to think about what fascinate them. Other places which are worth exploring are Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin and Chicago. New Orleans in Louisiana is the perfect blend of Europe, Africa and the Caribbean with cabaret clubs, Frenchmen street and bourbon clubs.Nightlife image

Culture and history info

The culture of USA is a mix of the natives’ values as well as the culture brought by the people from other continents and countries. There is a variety of traditions, values and ethnic groups. The Americans believe in a strong sense of equality, liberty, rule of law and a strong work ethic. The traditions of the European immigrants were mixed with those of the slaves from Africa and embedded in the values of the Native Americans. In the last decades many people have migrated from Asia and Latin America as well which have given this already diverse culture a new aspect. The food, literature and music of the USA also show the diversity in its culture. Christopher Columbus reached America in 1492.Before the Europeans reached shores of America, Native Americans had already been living there since thousands of years. In 1607 English reached Virginia and with it started the colonization due to which many natives lost their lives. In 1776 the United States Declaration of Independence was created by Thomas Jefferson. After the successful revolution George Washington was made the first president of USA. Slavery raised many question during the 1800s.but it was also during this time that United Nations started to industrialize. Despite many controversies and civil war USA emerged as a world power and proved its competence in the world wars. The country has had many wars and dealt with the Great Depression and Cold War with the Soviet Union but it dealt with everything and stands as a powerful nation today.Culture and history image

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