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The second largest country in Europe in terms of land area, France is also ranked among the top six economies of the planet. The country is a republic and a modern European state. The country has en-store the most varied scenery and climate. There are a number of terrains which make up for the varied environment which includes mountains and hills covering two thirds part including Pyrenees, Alps and Vosges Ranges. The highest mountain in Europe lies in the Alps and is named as Mont Blanc. The French Rivera along the Mediterranean coast is very popular among tourists which is famous for its beaches and the dry summers and mild winters.

The capital city of France is Paris which is also the largest city in the nation. Other major cities in the country include Lyon, Marseille, Lille and Toulouse. France is also the oldest countries in Europe which is referred as Gaul by the Romans. The country’s rich culture, environment and golden heritage makes each region here a holiday which any person will remember for long. France has over 2000 miles of seashores and beaches and plenty of other option to satiate even the most demanding travelers.

Country France
Visa requirementsVisa is required
Languages spokenEnglish, French
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)674,843

Sports & nature

Sports in France are very popular with football as the favorite one. The country has more than 2.3 million licensed football players with males overpowering the females who constitute just 3% of the total. The next popular sport here is tennis where females too are involved in a large percentage. Horse riding is the third most popular sport of France; other spots which are played in France by the people here include judo, Basketball, golf, handball, Boules, rugby and sailing. Natural beauty and variety can be seen a lot in Europe which is touted to have the most varied natural environment in the whole of Europe. There are lush agricultural countryside and the rolling prairies. Then there are northern spruce forests and the alpine peaks. Also there are dry hinterland and the steppe like plateau of the Caussses. The coastline of the North Sea is very varied and is just distinct. It’s said that in order to make a list of all the natural tourist sites of France one will need an encyclopedia with not few but thousands of names inside. For nature lovers the country has 6 national parks and 43 regional parks. There are hundreds of places in the country which are classified as AONBs or the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty thus making France a picture perfect place to just get lost in the natural landscape of this nation.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

France has a lot to ensure that every person is kept entertained to the top as the night falls and till the sun rises. There are swanky lounges, dive bars, all-hours nightclubs and much more to keep every night lover glued. All towns and cities have nightclubs which offer a large variety of music and style and differ a lot from each other. In major towns like Paris and Lyon the nightclubs can be found in plenty which even offer free entries at many times. Then there are late-night bars, theatres and cafes present in a large count to ensure every person has what they anticipate. France is also famous for its events which can be easily known from diaries at the local tourists’ offices. There are cinema programs and theater performances with exhibitions held on a very frequent basis to ensure people are entertained thoroughly while experiencing something distinct and charming. Provinces in France usually focus on eating and drinking during the nights and discos remain concentrated in the more popular tourist spots. For those seeking for something light during the summers, the weekend summer festivals in the rural area offer a perfect answer. Binge drinking is not a part of the French culture and there are some drinking dens found in larger cities with smaller towns and villages having just few local bars. When entering a bar in a rural area a unique thing which you will notice here is people shaking hands with everyone present inside the bar while entering the place.Nightlife image

Culture and history info

The turbulent history of the country has had a large influence on its culture. French culture has also been influenced by its varied topography, long standing contacts with neighboring places and the many colonies present here. Paris became the country’s cultural hub due to its decorative art and excellence in the 19th century. The upscale furniture makers of Paris managed to make the city get a place among the elite customer base of the country with extravaganzas of glided ormolu decoration and inland wood. French culture was an unknown term till the 18th century when each colonial area and region had its local traditions and customs. Today the nation has a multi ethnic and diversified environment, in all French people are very proud of their national identity. Family values are very important here and they have a practical view for marriage. Cultural events like the opera, ballet, classical concerts, theater performances, and other traditional events are appreciated highly, as is the French natural ability for art. France was referred as Gaul or Gallia by the Romans and the present name comes from the Latin word Francia meaning country of the franks. France became a separate country in the 9th century and since 17th century it has been an important part of European and world events. There were numerous crisis experienced by France during 20th century some of which proved very devastating as well. However the country managed to survive and emerge from all these and became an important place of supplying agricultural and industrial products on a global scale while being a major partner of the European Community.Culture and history image

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