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Dubai often referred as the wonders of the modern world was ruled by sand just a decade back and had nothing much to offer visitors. But now the city is the second largest emirate of the UAE and the sand here has been replaced by futuristic skyscrapers, cozy villas and many such magnificent places. The development of Dubai much owes to the ruler of the place Sheik Mohammed who has largely contributed in making this city into a center for international tourism and trade. The total land area which Dubai covers is 83600 square kilometers.

The place is bestowed with all year around sunshine, beautiful beaches, unending desert, luxurious hotels and air conditioned shopping mall alongside heritage attractions and much more to glue millions of tourists every year. The warm and sunny climate makes this place ideal for tourists to be visited all year. When in Dubai one can easily find the influence of Islamic culture that is reflected in the dress and the traditions as well. This goes even deep during the month of Ramadan where the entire place turns into a religious institution for an entire month. English here is widely spoken but Arabic is the native language, the local currency is Dirham or Dhs. Even being an Islamic place but drinking and smoking is allowed in licensed bars. Meanwhile drinking at public places and causing disorder can result in very strict penalties.

Country Dubai
Visa requirementsVisa is required
Languages spokenEnglish
Currency usedAED (Arab Emirates Dirham)
Area (km2)4,114

Sports & nature

Dubai since past few years has been developing at a very rapid stage to become one of the leading sports center on the planet. The construction of sports city has been a very big step in the regard which is the first ever purpose built sports city on earth and will inculcate state of the art academies and sporting centers. Other than this sports which are played by Dubaites largely include golf, football, horseracing, tennis, swimming, water sports, camel race tracking, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing, cricket, motorsports and more. Other than the sports city more such sporting projects underway are the new Cricket stadium in Dubai and the Dubai ski resort which somehow unique but represent a characteristic of the city. Sports thus form an important part of life in Dubai and can be found here easily. Dubai has many natural attractions with the desert being the major terrain. The subtropical climate can be enjoyed in this sunny city all year around. The hottest months are June and September while December and March are the coolest ones; rainfall in Dubai is very less. The coastline of Dubai is almost 700 kilometers long making it an ideal spot to enjoy at the beaches endlessly while indulging in all kinds of water sports and natural activities. Also to the east is a mountain range. The desert forms the most part of the interior which is interspersed with many oases, making Dubai moreover a place with a warm climate and sunny place. Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

This diversely rich city of Dubai has an excellent night life to keep party animals occupied each and every second. The large choice of bars, nightclubs and more make this a perfect place to enjoy at the night. However if wishing to enjoy at the nightclubs one must abide with the laws followed here with the minimum age of drinking as 21. The party scenes at Dubai are restricted to most of the large hotels having a liquor license. The crowd comprise of people from eastern and western culture. However Thursday and Friday night seem to be the busiest ones of the week. Unique after dark experience wait in Dubai which can be experienced at the nightclubs. There are many rooftop bars that offer an amazing view of the city. Many international DJs from around the world keep performing at the many shows held at international hotels and renowned bars. The unique night experience can be easily experienced at the vibrant city of Dubai. An artificial beach, Nasimi beach is an ideal spot for party lover’s located just 7 kms from the city. For fans of music, Trilogy is the place to consider where lovers of modern music keep visiting regularly. There is the Baratsi beach club for people who wish to enjoy but without dressing up. The band here plays classical music and food and cocktails just add to the experience greatly. For early starters there are many bars, restaurants and clubs which offer an opportunity to enjoy endlessly. Some of the loveliest hotpots in the town include the Pyramids at Wafi, the Walk at JBR and the Madinat Jumeirah, perfect spots for night owls.Nightlife image

Culture and history info

Culture in Dubai roots to the Islamic tradition which form the national lifestyle of UAE, it’s thus believed of tourist to respect the beliefs and traditions of people here and behave suitably. The culture in Dubai is a cosmopolitan one due to the influx of so many people from a large number of foreign lands including India, Persia and more. The culture of Dubai is a global one with Islam being the official religion. Muslim culture is the largely followed culture in Dubai with presence of Hindus, Christians and Sikhs as well. Language culture in Dubai is diverse and Arabic is the official language with English widely spoken and understood as well. The culture of this place is very vibrant and colorful. And the world famous shopping festival and the international film festivals form an integral part of Dubai culture. Initially Dubai is believed to have been a small fishing settlement which was later considered a small coastal village. Over past three decades however the emirate has developed into a buzzing city housing many futuristic skyscrapers and state of the art technology with an enviable infrastructure. The growth of Dubai from a fishing village inhabited by Bani Yas members in the 18th century to one of the most developed cities now has been gradual but stable. The international trade which came in due to the cosmopolitan contracts form the base of the rapidly increasing prosperity of the place. However during the 20th century the rule of two rulers which was exceptionally long which are Sheikh Sayed Bin Makhtoum from 1012 to 1958 and his son Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed al Makhtoum contributed greatly in benefiting this city and bringing it to a spot where it is now located.Culture and history image

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