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Australia the sixth largest country on the planet by the land area it covers, is also the smallest continent on globe. This Oceania country was officially named Commonwealth of Australia and is made up of Australian continent mainland, island of Tasmania and many other small islands. On the west the Indian Ocean boundaries Australia and on the east it’s bounded by Pacific Ocean. The total land area that this continent covers is 7.7 million square kilometers. Australia also is the only nation that governs an entire continent. Canberra is the capital city while Sydney is the largest city in this country.

Australia is ranked among the wealthiest of countries on earth and is ranked top 12th on the world economy ranking. Also there are many parameters on which Australia ranks much better on the global comparisons which are health, quality of life, education, protection of civil rights, economic freedom and political rights. The country is a member of many organizations like United Nations, G 20 Commonwealth of Nations, PECD, World Trade Organization, Pacific Islands forum and others.

The official language that is spoken in Australia is English and the currency used here is Australian Dollar, AUD. The number of islands that make up for this oceanic country is 8222. Also, the most important source of revenue here is tourism alongside mineral resources exports and rural exports.

Australia is a popular name among the most attractive tourist destinations on globe and is bestowed with many world famous landmarks and monuments for visitors.

Country Australia
Visa requirementsVisa is required
Languages spokenEnglish
Currency usedAustralian dollar (AUD)
Area (km2)7,692,024

Sports & nature

Sport in Australia marks its beginning in the year 1810 when the athletics tournaments were organized for the very first time. Following this were cricket, sailing club and horse racing competitions which then helped the country in acquiring international fame. Australian cricket team needs a special mentioning here which has acquired much international fame by winning matches and tournaments in not just the country but also on foreign lands. Surveys have revealed that around 24% of Australians who are aged above 15 indulge in some or other sporting activity regularly. The country has international teams ranking good in sports like cricket, hockey, and rugby union and rugby league. Also Australians have a good track record in sports like swimming, track cycling, rowing and others. In the history of Olympics, Australia is said to be the second most prolific winner on earth. Sports are an important part of the Australian culture and have been played here since long back. Australian nature is very diverse and interesting and can perhaps become the most memorable part of any trip to this country. Bestowed with Mother Nature’s ample blessings it’s a perfect treats for photographers and lovers of natural beauty. The wildlife here is extremely diverse and there are many natural landscapes which have since long attracted visitors from all across. Especially for animal lovers Australia has in its arsenal lovely dolphins, beautiful koala bear, majestic whales and the unique kangaroo along with Tasmanian devils, wombats, dingos and many other wonderful species. Australia overall is a perfect place for enjoying any season and most part of the country witnesses the four main seasons. Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Australia’s nightlife is an ideal example of how incredibly diverse this country is. It’s not just the major cities which are housed with fully packed clubs and bars but even the not-so-popular places have these in abundance to keep the locals and tourists entertained all night through. The balmy climate here is perfect to turn any night into an affair to remember. Gold coast is among the top places where Australians go to party and the place has many awesome clubs, pubs and bars to offer. Live bands, solo acts, pop music, DJs are enough to make any souls entertained. There are clubs which offer the finest of beer and ambience and also Karaoke joints to help any person sing their heart out. In Australia no person can ever get bored seems to get true as the sun sets and the night sky starts getting darker. Other cities where nightlife is just rocking in Australia are Melbourne and Sydney. There are many swankiest venues in these cities that offer sheer diversity and a perfect atmosphere to party, enjoy and just get laid back. Cool bars and restaurants adorn these places to help travelers enjoy endlessly. Also, if looking to go overboard then there are many strip clubs where the options are truly going to get any person confused. Not every city in Australia can offer that rocking nightlife experience, but there are many which can, in the end it’s all about individual choice and taste of the person. Nightlife image

Culture and history info

Australia is a country having a multicultural fashion and the major reason behind this is the migration of people from different backgrounds who have added to the diverse culture of this country. The initial population of aborigines and people from Irish and British descent moreover add to the multicultural society in the country. Also heavy migration from places like Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Lebanon and Turkey post World War II was also a reason for the multiple cultures seen and followed here. The liberalization of immigration policy and the proactive trial of attracting immigrants to enhance population and work force have together contributed in making Australia a multi-cultural and a multi-faith society which welcomes people with open hands and great hospitality. The history of Australia encompasses its discovery first by a Dutch explorer who however thought the place to be uninteresting. It was only in 1770 when Captain James Cook explored this place further. After this Australia for some years was used as a convict colony, where prisoners were send for imprisonment from Britain. Then in 1851 goldfields were discovered here that attracted a large number of people to try their luck at finding gold here. It was in 1901 when the formation of Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia began and Canberra was officially declared as the capital of Australia. Culture and history image

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