Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Things to do - general

Abu Dhabi, the largest emirates of the UAE is also the capital city. This largest city is second in terms of the population of the place. The city is renowned as an important political, commercial and tourism center in the region. The major part of Abu Dhabi’s wealth is contributed by its oil reserves but tourism too plays a significant role in this part. Abu Dhabi along with Dubai is quickly emerging as a promising holiday destination for travelers coming from all backgrounds.

Abu Dhabi is ranked second on the most expensive list in the region and on 67th in the world list. Also it’s been stated by CNN and Fortune Magazine that this is the richest city on the planet. The city lies in the middle of the north cost of UAE and is situated on the Persian Gulf.

Arabic is the native and most widely spoken language with English being well understood in most part. This modern city has in its arsenal endless fun which any onlooker can enjoy with sad, sports and shopping; it’s truly a Mecca for shoppers and has some of the best souk markets. Visiting Abu Dhabi can be an experience of a lifetime if chosen in the right way.

Country UAE
Visa requirementsVisa is required
Languages spokenArabic, English
Currency usedAED
Area (km2)972.4

Sports & nature

When at Abu Dhabi, if dancing and drinking are activities which do not attract a person, sports can be the way to enjoy and have fun, there are the local soccer football clubs very matches by the local as well as national teams can be caught every now and then. Just 20 minutes from the airport are stadium where Test or Twenty20 matches of cricket can also be witnessed. Another outdoor sport popular among visitors is golf and the city has few great golf clubs to help those interested enjoy and play endlessly. Next on list is kayaking with stand up paddle-boarding another of the activities. The wide desert land and the sand here offer an amazing opportunity to enjoy extreme sports like quad biking and more. Fishing is another activity which impresses foreign tourists and locals alike. For nature lovers Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer. The wildlife center here not an exact zoo but is a way of preserving the wildlife of the place. Next such place is the Al Futaisi Island which offers an ideal place to enjoy a day trip with facilities for overnight stay for those interested. Other islands which offer camping and barbeque are Bahrainin Island and the Abu Dhabi Island. In all sports and nature can all be experienced with frolic and fun at this city which has a lot to keep every person busy and occupied.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Nightlife in Abu Dhabi can get extreme. The tows most popular places to hang out include the malls and the hotels. While malls have cinemas, clubs and bars to enjoy deeply. The hotels offer everything under one roof including drink, dinner, night club and happy hours. For lovers of light music there are clubs which offer Cuban music that can be enjoyed while sipping tequila shots. Another activity to wash the night out is having Heineken while watching electric metal bands. For people who love drinking Abu Dhabi offers many local hotel bars, with not few but many watering hotels on the list to do the needful. Especially for the women travelers and females of the area there are special ladies nights organized at most clubs which reflects the art of the sundowner which can help get lost in the city. For lovers of smoking there are the shisha clubs where people drive to smoke until their hearts despite after the sun sets and the night begins. There are many shisha spots which can help any person enjoy the evening and night in the perfect way possible. Many Dubai locals drive to the shipyard to picnic and just get relaxed through the night. There are many small cafes and fish markets here which offer fresh grilled fishes to help people enjoy while dining through the night. Clubs, bars and more such joints adorn the nightlife in Abu Dhabi with special attractions for the female population. There are certain restrictions during the religious month of Ramadan however, so it’s best to check before going if it’s drinking and smoking that one is looking to indulge in through the night. Nightlife image

Culture and history info

Culture in Abu Dhabi clings to the Islamic religion and the majority of the population comprises of Muslim people which can be easily seen in all aspects of life of the people here right from the clothes they wear to the regular way of praying. Especially on the UAE National Day the people here celebrate their Emirati with colorful decorations that can be seen on their cars, dress and festive celebrations. Local culture here is presented and nurtured via the art displays, heritage village and the national participation during the month of Ramadan. In all Abu Dhabi represents a growing cosmopolitan with multiple nationalities that walk here together on streets, shop in malls and work together. The largest influence by communities if of Asian and Filipino, due to the many individuals who have migrated from these places. History of Abu Dhabi dates back to 3rd millennium BC and describes the herding, nomadic and fishing activities in the region. However the foundation of modern Abu Dhabi seems to have been laid with the rise of the Bani Yas in the late 18th century. In mid 20th century production of dates, camel herding and vegetable majorly contributed to the economy. The finding of oil here for the first time in 1958 was like a lottery ticket for the place they led to flowing in of revenue which continues till now. After the gaining of independence of Emirates in 1971, the oil wealth continued flowing in the area, currently Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan is the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the current president of the UAE.Culture and history image

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